Blake Watts has been playing drums longer than he could walk! From the early age of 5 he played his first public performance and hasn’t stopped since. After several years of playing around the Indiana area he moved to Nashville TN where he became a full time drummer. In Nashville Blake recorded and played with several artists ranging from country and rock to jazz and metal. He launched his own metal band (that still rarely performs!) named Bullet to Blame.  After many tours and albums in Nashville, Blake’s work took him to Denver CO where he most notably played drums and toured with Neyla Pekarek of The Lumineers. When he wasn’t working performing with her, Blake was locking the pocket for various country and rock artists. He also launched his own band with some of his fellow session musicians named What About Jim and put out a record. 

Now a few years later, Blake resides in Indiana where he is recording and producing music for various artists. If Blake isn’t performing then he is giving drum lessons. He is also the drummer for the band Six Figures. When he is not playing music, you can (maybe) find him hiking with his husky, Tempo.